Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Herringbone Jacket....Update.

After much hand work....I am basically done with this project. Here is a quick recap of what I did since my last post.

In my last post I mentioned the canvas hair I used as structure for the front & back panels, as well as the tape I used for extra stability.

After I inserted all the hair canvas and taped all the necessary areas that needed additional stability I constructed the lining out of black 100% Cotton Sateen. I made the lining exactly as I had made the wool outer shell. This required that I chop off parts of the lining to allow for the front & neck facings as well as the hem. attached the darts & side seams of the outer shell to the lining to anchor them together and to prevent the lining from shifting around to much. I lapped the lining edges over the facing edges and slip stitched it in place to finish. 

Once the lining had been inserted into the body I attached the sleeves. The tailoring books suggest affixing the sleeves after the lining has been attached to the body. This is apparently how mens suiting is done.


Pinned & Basted into place

I attached the sleeves and then I affixed a sleeve cap support strip. Before I did this the sleeve heads were looking sort of limp so this really helped the over look. 

Then I was able to insert the sleeve lining by slip stitching it into place. After both the sleeves were lined and hemmed I finished attaching the lower edge of the body lining and I was done!

The only thing left is to add the front closures. I am going to be using some large, black, sew on snap closures. 

I really enjoyed making this project. It did take a lot of time and there was a lot of hand work involved but I am happy with the results and I learned a lot and got to put a lot of techniques into practice. I truly enjoyed working with wool and hope to make something else out of wool some time really soon.

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