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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"TRRRP" Finished!

 I'm done! I love how it turned out, both the inside and the outside. Except for my initial confusion with the diagonal lines on my fashion fabric it was super easy to make and I think it turned out looking pretty good. I plan to wear it for the Fourth of July. Though I may wear it sooner if the weather in Southern California turns sunny again, this June gloom is depressing.


It looks a bit funky on the hanger and I'm sorry there are no photos of me in it. Living alone makes it hard to get pictures of myself in my creations. I have to take photos in the mirror and they never turn out, the lighting in my bedroom sucks and the camera always gets in the way. I'm going to have to commission my gentleman friend to take photos on the weekends when we spend lots of time together. I'll lure him by promising to note him as a contributor to my blog, which is such an honor I'm sure....I kid, I kid and I am off on a tangent so back to my romper.  

I have to tattle on myself, I am not totally and completely finished, I still have to add the hook and eye closure. I didn't have any at home and I didn't complete catch stitching the lining to the zipper tape until 11:30 last night so I'll be picking those up this evening and inserting it tonight. I was just too excited about this project to wait another day to reveal it. 

I am really very happy with the interior of this garment....unlike "TNLBP", which I can never post interior pictures of it is just too much of an epic mess in there, this interior is completely enclosed in lining, clean and pristine. I could probably wear it inside out only the zipper would give it away.

  I hadn't had the idea to line the whole thing until after I had bought the contrasting facing material. Once I had attached the facing I decided I wanted to line the entire thing. I really like the results when I have lined garments. It really adds to the weight of it making it seem higher quality and more substantial. Anyway, when I went back to Joann's to get another yard of that red with white dots they were out though it had only been one day! I had just enough of the outer shell material left to squeeze out another pair of shorts. What I ended up doing was sewing the right sides together at the hem. There was no way I was going to hem those shorts up another 1 1/4" so having the inner pair of shorts acted like a facing and resulted in a very nice, clean finish, unlike "TNLBP" hem which was a disaster.

Here a couple more detail photos:

Front Facing 

Inside Waistline

I'm really proud of this!

And that's that! This was a very easy pattern to make, it took me a lot longer than it should have due to my issues with diagonals....

Next Up....completing the bound buttonholes on "TNLBP" and Tracing & Grading for the "The Who Wears Short Shorts Project" & "The Voila! A Voile Blouse Project"



Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Essentials Sew Along Plan

I finally found a "Sew Along" to join. For those who do not know what a sew along is, it is a group of people that are all working on the same project or similar projects and posting their progress and results online.

This particular sew along, Summer Essentials 2011, is perfect since I am already basically doing this. The goal of this sew along is to complete 5 or more items of summer clothing by the beginning of August 2011. My plan may be somewhat ambition I do not know, especially since I plan to have mastered "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd on my harp by then, but what the hell.....

My plan is as follows:

1) "The New Look Blouse Project":

This blouse project is so very close to completion as evidenced by my postings about it. So I won't get that much into it since it can be read about here:

The New Look Blouse Project

2) "The Recession Recess Romper Project":

Same story as above, find it here. I plan to wear this on the Fourth of July....Which will be a celebration as it is one year since my gnarly car accident.

3) "The Who Wears Short Shorts Project":

These are going to be super fun to make since I really love the pattern. I lost out on it on e-bay but I ended up finding them on Etsy, which means it's destiny! I was so drawn to the artwork on the front cover that I had to have it. I plan on using the "Slash and Spread" method to make them a 26" waist, who even has a 24" waist? I will be making View B.

Got Nair?

The fabric I found in a "Sample Swatch" bin at the fabric store that is closing down....I have found so many treasures there. I'm sad that place is closing but because their prices are so good I have been able to buy fabrics I usually wouldn't be able to afford. Anyway this particular fabric is a Silk Charmeuse....I think and there is 1 1/8 of a yard which is perfect as the pattern calls for 1yd. I don't know if it is "Charmeuse" I only know that it is in fact real silk. I LOOOOOVE silk!

4) "The Voila! A Voile Blouse Project"

Like the woman before me I too plan on going with View #2. I thought the neckline was so unique that I must have it in my wardrobe....I also really just liked how the pattern envelope looked when I saw it. There I go judging a book by its cover once again.

I will be using this beautiful fabric, you can see how sheer it is with the print showing through the top layer. It too came from the "Sample Swatch" bin...there was quite a bit of it about 2 1/2 yds. I think it will be perfect! I might be able to make another pair of shorts in addition to the blouse and have a matchy matchy set. I will have to line it though since it is so sheer but the feel of it is awesome it is so smooth it feels like silk....which as has been previously mentioned I love.

5) "The Simply a Dress Project"

I found this carefree and fun little number at "Second Chance" in Omaha, Nebraska when I was there at the end of last month....I plan on making View #2, I am noticing a pattern here as I tend to always make View #2 or B. The added bonus is that the pattern comes with pieces and instructions for making a "Bow Belt", which is sort of shown on View #1 but you really have to look. So I will be making that as well.

No fabric for this yet, selection is still pending...stay tuned.

6) "The Parisienne Scene Tote Project":

I have been wanting to make a tote bag to lug my harp music around in, especially on Saturdays when I go up to Santa Barbara to meet with my instructor. None of the patterns I could find had what I needed in a sheet music tote bag.I ended up finding a pattern in the bargain discount bin for baby accessories, (bib, layette, diaper bag, etc.) the diaper bag is just right. The right size, with side pockets and a long shoulder strap! So I can just save the bib and layette for later....maybe someone I know will have a baby again.

I will be using some fabric my mom sent me that has Parisiennes all over it in various Parisian scenes....I am partial to fabrics that have ladies all over it for some reason. 

These six projects are for sure for sure going down. Time permitting I will also make another blouse from my favorite pattern McCall #7242 out of Silk Chiffon, basically exactly the same as "The New Look Blouse Project" but different fabric print. I also plan to make a dress from another pattern I got in Omaha but it is a little less summery and a little more late summer/early fall. It can be my transition piece because my Fall 2011 wardrobe is already coming together in my head!

Stay Tuned....



Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"TRRRP" Status Report....Muy Beuno!

Not to bad....

Things are looking up in regard to this project. I sewed the bodice together as directed and the line skewing is not as bad as I thought and it actually looks pretty sharp...I can definitely live the results. 

My favorite part!

The shorts are what have kept my faith alive with this project.

Tonight I will be constructing the shoulder straps as well as the bodice facing. I went to Joann's last nigt and got some really cheap fabric for the facing. It is red with tiny white dots, I thought it would be a nice contrast that is complimentary since there are tiny white dots all over the main fabric they are just hard to see over the circles and diagonal lines. I was looking at going with just plain red but I felt it too boring and severe.

Stay Tuned....



Monday, June 6, 2011

"The Recession Recess Romper Project" Status Report....No Bueno!

Ok, so I was having some serious project remorse with this thing on Saturday, I still sort of am. For some reason I am very attracted to fabrics that have diagonal motifs. This particular McCall pattern did not say that it is "Unsuitable" for diagonals so I thought all would be wrong I was. It took me the better part of the weekend to get the pieces cut I understand why I always hear allow extra yardage for matching. Seriously it took me almost 2 yards to cut out 8 pattern pieces! I kept telling myself the fabric was on sale, this is a good learning exercise, if you screw up there is more at the store and oh yeah, it was on sale.

I looked up the section on cutting out diagonals in the Vogue sewing book and it recommended plenty of extra yardage and cutting the pieces out single thickness. This may be why it took me all day Saturday and half the day Sunday to actually cut all the pieces out. There was a lot of second guessing and was total insanity. I was in such a state of distress by Sunday that I marked only the shorts pieces and constructed that part completely just to see if it would even be worth constructing the bodice.....Well I was pleasantly surprised! The shorts look great.

If I really look close and study the lines there are some areas where the lines don't quite match perfectly, like where there is darting, but when on the body it is not noticeable. Which is exactly what the Vogue book said anyway, that lines tend to look different draped on the body, there are so many lines going in all directions that a few misaligned lines blend right in......

However, the bodice is another story entirely, there are no pictures as of yet because there is no bodice constructed yet....after my great success with the shorts I dove right in to the bodice construction. I had already made the decision to use a contrasting fabric for the facing.....see how the facing flips over and shows at the front in the illustration at right? I knew that trying to get those diagonals lined up correctly would be a nightmare, plus I thought a solid block of color right there would be a nice break from all the crazy lines all over the rest of the romper. So I am going to do the facing in red and I am also going to make the straps out of something red, I am toying with the idea of some kind of ribbon. Anyway, my issue with the bodice is the darts.....They are so huge, a total of 4 1/2" across the bottom, that it completely skews the diagonals....sending them in all sorts of crazy directions....I spent all night troubleshooting this and finally reached the conclusion that I am either going to have to live with the wonky results or I am going to have to take drastic measures.

I can draft out the darts but I think this will have an adverse affect on the fit. I can use a completely different fabric for the top, say plain red and then face with the diagonal and have a two toned romper. I don't like either of these and the potential outcomes so tonight I am going to put it all together as is and see if I can live with the results....If I can't at least the fabric was on sale, the shorts will work out solo and I learned a valuable lesson....diagonals are an advanced application and I might not ever use a diagonal again, ever!   

Friday, June 3, 2011

"The Recession Recess Romper Project" McCall #6331 ca. 2011....Sneak Peak

I am super duper excited about this project!!! So here's the story...


I have had my eye on a certain "American Jane" for Moda Fabrics fabric for some time now. I am been longing for it and trying to figure out what I could use it with, I hadn't bought it I just knew that it was down at Fabric Town USA in Ventura. Farbic Town calls it "Recess" but online has been referring to it as "Tick Tack Toe". I think that "Recess" is the name of this particular series and "Tick Tack Toe" is the fabric name....but I've been referring to it as "Recess" for months and I can't think of a clever name for "Tick Tack Toe"....

Anyway, recently while reading Gertie's "Blog for Better Sewing".  
I saw this treasure, McCall #6331. This is actually a Teen pattern from the Summer 2011 collection, but I'm ok with that.

Gertie was illustrating the Romper, View A, specifically and at that moment I knew what I could use that fabric I have been lusting after for.

So I ran down to Fabric Town and wouldn't you know that the fabric is 20% off and that sealed the deal is obviously meant to be if the fabric is on sale, I am making a point to not buy any fabric unless it is on sale. Really I am not buying anything unless it is on sale....saving for a harp you know.

I have red and blue thread and  red binding that I bought at a vintage store in Omaha already. I only needed to buy a red zipper, since I didn't have one in the right color pallet at all.

The design ideas behind this are very basic. Red is more of a highlight color on this fabric so I am going to use that color for all of my accents....thread, zipper, bias tape.

I am debating whether to use an underlining but this fabric is not sheer at all and I think it will be more work than is necessary. However, I really like how underlinings look. The only thing is that I would like to use voile but I don't think I will be able to find it in a cream or off white color, I haven't seen any. I will not be able to use white because that will bother me as it won't match the cream used in the Recess fabric. 

So the project will now be referred to as "The Recession Recess Romper Project" or TRRRP for short.