Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Summer Dress

This may be the fastest project I have ever endeavored. I am almost done and I started it last Thursday evening. It is really simple, I bought the pattern for $1.00 when Joann's was having one of there $1.00 pattern days, and I used something I have had in my stash for about a year and all the necessary notions and accoutrements I used from whatever I had in stock. I am trying to be a budget seamstress right now, so far so good.

I am making the version in the top left corner, Version "D"
This pattern has been really easy so far, my main issues are fabric related. It is some type of unidentifiable material, not natural but synthetic. I had bought it because it has a really nice feel to it and was totally on sale. It is so slippery that it goes off grain really easily when I am trying to sew it and becomes distorted. The facings look not that great because I had to sew this slippery, shifty material onto a rigid interfacing. I learned that fusible and synthetics sometime backfire so I used sew in but I think was to rigid, I probably should have used something softer.

It looks a little bit like a sack at this point
I made the bias tape using the continuous bias tape method and a tape marker. The bias tape is the same material I will use for the sash belt and the straps. I am not going to use a zipper in the back but leave it open and use a button and loop at the top to fasten it.

Inside Facings
This has also been my first experience with side seam pockets, they weren't as bad as I thought. 

 I am interested in making it again but the long version, I like Maxi Dresses.

I hope to be finished in the next day or two, I'll keep you posted!



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