Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Voila! A Voile Blouse Project"

So I have started working on Advance #7798. It looks really complicated from the pattern piece shapes but it is turning out to not be that bad. I am going with View #1....

Advance #7798

Strange shaped pieces....
I am using a really  nice cotton voile I got from the bargain bin at one of the fabric stores in town and I have added an underlining to it since it is so sheer. It is a basic quilter's cotton from Joann's, in green....I had bought this really cheap polyester silky fabric to use but I hated it, I am not sure why I bought it to be honest. I really dislike using material that are not natural fibers. 

Green Cotton

 I really like to add weight to my fabrics with a lining. It makes fluid, flimsy materials easier to work with and more substantial. It gives items a more tailored look. I am done interlining all of the pieces, finished the darts, attached the front bodice facing, and attached the sleeve backs. The sleeves are "Raglan" sleeves, they are also the first sleeves I have ever made so hopefully they will turn out ok. 

Bodice Front with Darts
Front Bodice Facing
Bodice Back with Darts and Raglan Sleeve Backs
I will be making the bound button holes before I attach the bodice front and back together, I learned a lot about making these with "The New Look Blouse Project", I am so close to finishing this by the way I need to put in the shoulder pads and sew on the buttons....Anyway I bought some really cut buttons for this and I am going to use the green fabric for the bound holes. This project will also require me to insert an invisible side zipper...this is the part I am a bit concerned about, more so even than the collar.

 I will be posting regularly again, so stay tuned!



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