Monday, October 31, 2011

The "Birds of A Feather Flock Together" Dress....Update

I am very pleased with this dress and how it has turned out. It fits great and I decided against lining it to decrease unnecessary bulk and it's not necessary for modesty's sake, a slip will be adequate. Since a lining is now out I have begun the final finishing stages and I am almost finished....almost!

The dress placket was completed, it had to be for fitting, and the neck facings have been edged with bias tape, bias tape that I made by the way! I am pleased how the neck line and back "V" are lying against the body, very flat. The last steps are finishing the sleeve facings, the seams (which I am doing by hand with an overcast stitch), the skirt hem and I am going to make the "Bow" belt, the pattern for which came with the dress pattern.

I have plans to wear this dress for Thanksgiving....I think the colors are perfect!



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