Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"BOAFFT" Dress Placket

This dress is progressing pretty nicely. I have completed the majority of assembly and construction and am working on the side closing. I had inserted an invisible zipper but it was a DISASTER! The insertion went fine but it completely distorted the shape and drape of the dress. The fabric is so lightweight and fluid that a zipper is just to heavy and rigid so I am inserting a side placket to a fix snap closures and hook & eyes to. I ran across this idea in one of my sewing books and it is exactly the fastening element I need.

I wasn't completely sure how to go about executing it so I did a test first with scraps of my fabric and some muslin scraps.

Since it was so easy and I liked the results I have begun inserting the placket onto the dress. I am using strips of "Radiance" fabric in "Honey" for the actual placket.

I need to complete the pressing and sew on all the snap closures and the hooks and eyes at the waist.

Once I complete this step I will insert the sleeves and try it on. Whether or not I am going to insert a lining will depend on how it fits. I would like to line it, though it isn't necessary for modesty sakes as I have determined a slip would suffice, but if it adds bulk I am not going to do it.

So that is where I am at with this dress.

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