Monday, December 19, 2011

Don't Worry...I'm A Professional.

Christmas Harp Ensemble
I had two gigs with my Harp Ensemble on Saturday. We played our repertoire of Christmas music at two retirement communities in Ventura. Nancy, a member of the ensemble, got us the first one at the community where her father resides, called Aegis. When the The Ventura Townhouse, located next door to Aegis, got wind of this they invited us over to play for them as well. Basically we will play for whoever invites us, since we are all students any experience is welcome.

They both went well, the first one was a bit rocky though. We were crammed into a small space, Ann's harp busted a string on the way down from Santa Barbara and we were running a bit behind schedule but once we got going things smoothed out. The second performance, an hour later, was a lot better. We were more together and warmed up so there were less problems. Even the most minor things can throw me off so I really had to remain focused to get through the music even though I know all the songs intimately.

Our audiences were very appreciative and interested. The second audience was much larger, since that community is quite a bit bigger than the first. It was funny to watch the residents interacting with each other. They would hush each other and roll their eyes at each others' questions...reminded me of living in the dorm at University. Just because you live with these people doesn't mean you necessarily like them. Many of the residents were feisty and fun and it made me happy to be able to bring our music into them since they don't get to go out on a whim. The experience made me appreciate that I have my health and mobility, it doesn't last forever, and I hope that we brought them some Christmas Joy & Spirit.

There were a couple of milestones on Saturday. My harp had his debut, his maiden performance, and it was the first time I got paid for a musical performance! This was completely unexpected and a nice surprise. As I was getting into my car to leave The Townhouse Nancy came up to me, handed me $20 and said "Here's your pay." I was completely confused, like what? She said they paid us $100.00! There are 5 of us so we each got $20.00. I think this is pretty good for an hour's "work." How awesome is that?  My mom and I were joking about how I'm a "professional" musician now. It was a lot of fun, good experience and I got some pocket money to boot.

Harp Ensemble Performing at Aegis (L-R: Maura, Nadine, Ann, Me, Nancy & Laurie in Front)

Ann, Me & Nancy Performing at The Ventura Townhouse

Maura, Nadine, Laurie, Ann, Amelia, Nancy (L-R) at The Ventura Townhouse
I wore a dress that was given to me by my grandmother. I think it is from the 80s....the hose I was wearing looks white in these photos, ugh! I am pretty white so I guess that makes sense but they are actually flesh color so I am not sure why they are looking so white, weird.

Happy Holidays All.



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