Saturday, March 10, 2012

Some Tentative Plans

I love making plans...never mind that they might not ever be set into motion or completed,  there is nothing as exciting as making sewing plans. I get so caught up in the the detailed planning of a project, the actual execution can sort of take a back seat.

Anyway, I have been spurred into a flurry of planning and pattern & fabric procuring in recent days by my getting wind of the That's Sew Cinematic Sew Along being hosted by Rhinestones & Telephones, My happy Sewing Place, Meg The Grand, Delfinelise & Veronica Darling. The scope of the sew along is to create garments inspired by costumes on the Silver Screen both big and small.

I knew I wanted to take part and I had just the thing for it, but first some back story which I'll make quick. I acquired Vogue's New Book For Better Sewing, I was online at the right time and I snapped it up for a pittance of what they usually go for I think the person might not have quite realized what they had or they just wanted to get rid of it. So I snapped it up; I thought acquiring the book would be the battle, turns out getting the patterns is the real war. I have been able to get 2 of the patterns. "The Raglan Sleeve Coat" Vogue# 3431 and  "The Late Day, Short Sheath Dress" Vogue # 3385 which relates to my sew along plans.

Vogue #3385
I have not one black dress in my wardrobe, not one LBD...I've heard somewhere that this is like a wardrobe staple. I think the sheath dress will be a perfect base on which to create a LBD a la Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's...the famous Givenchy LBD she wears is long so mine will not be that but I want it to be reflective of that understated elegance that the dress evokes; simple, clean, sophisticated. I am excited to use my Vogue book and pattern to create it. However, I have tons of ideas for this Sew Along and I am trying to get them organized. When I do I will a more detailed post.



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  1. Lovely to see you on board. That dress is devine! Can´t wait to see how it´s progressing! :-)