Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pink Floyd and Planxties...

I feel like my harp is getting no play, on the web anyway, since I posted two posts concerning I'll update the interwebs on the latest news in my harp world....

I have a recital coming up in June. I will be performing fior some of our communities more mature citizens at Pilgrim Terrace Community in Santa Barbara on June 11th at 1pm, its a Saturday. There will be other harpists playing as well. I will be playing two Planxties, Planxty George Brabazon and Planxty Irwin. Planxties are Irish or Celtic songs that are dedicated to an individual, like Irish Odes.

I have been practicing, practicing but Planxty George is kicking my butt, getting the light, lilty sound is hard for I will just keep on keepin' on with it. Hopefully I will be squared away by then.

I have been working on my Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" for the harp, since there is no sheet music for this song made for the harp I have to transcribe (right word?) from the piano sheet music. This song actually lends itself pretty well to the harp, nothing radical has to be done but still it is taking awhile.

I had wanted to play it for this recital but it is no where near at all. I think I will focus on my planxties and after the recital in June I will focus more on "Wish You Were Here."

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