Thursday, May 26, 2011

TNLBP....Shoulder Pads

So this project calls for some shoulder pads...They are actually pretty fun to make, though I haven't been following the instructions exactly. The instructions are so strange on these vintage patterns, not nearly as detailed as modern ones. The instructions for the shoulder pads don't seem to make the most sense to me, so I am improvising somewhat, but they are turning out pretty good.

I hadn't even realized I needed to make shoulder pads, or buy materials for them as there is absolutely no mention of them on the envelope anywhere! I realized I needed to make them on Monday while I was in the middle of  cutting out my underlining, which I have decided to make out of 100% cotton, voile.

I ran down to the fabric store yesterday and bought some cotton batting, since I happened to have everything else, and began. I am going to wait to complete them until the rest of the blouse is done, just in case I need to add or subtract batting so that I can achieve my desired silhouette, which is a very strong shoulder line!

3 Sections sewn together

Interfacing inserted to base section

Cotton Batting cut into 1/2" graduated triangles....Instructions called for one layer of each size, I decided to add two after seeing how little what was called for filled it out.

 Almost done.....batting inserted. Maybe I'll need to
add another layer. Once my top is complete I'll baste and see how it looks inserted into the top.

So next step on this project will be cutting my fashion fabric, I have actually cut the underlining so now tonight I will be cutting the fashion fabric.....

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