Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So, I sort of went a little crazy on eBay with the pattern buying....but i could not help myself!

Here is my latest booty:

Advance Blouse #7798, love the front button detailing....

I think I might use this fabric:

I got it at 75% off! It is an awesome voile, silky and smooth....I think I will line it in a jersey...I like how this comes together in my mind. I'll think on it.

Advance Skirt #8192

I obviously like Advance patterns...I think I was drawn to this particularly because I love the cover art...I definitely judge books by their covers! LOL

This one is not currently being designed in my head, though I want to use something heavy and durable, I need to add it to my Trade Show attire rotation. The fabric store that is closing has tons of wool maybe I can find some for a steal....I don't think I can afford suit grade wool at full price....

I have champagne fabric tastes on a water budget.
Simplicity Blouse #3700

I think that stand up collar is really fun...this one posses some serious challenges for me, so I won't be immediately tackling it. The fancy collar and stiff cuffs, as well as the yoke, double yoke on View #2, is not something I am ready to tackle yet, I'm a quick study though so I for see great things for my fall wardrobe....

Anyway, I have sewing projects lined up right through the new year it seams....get it? Ha, I'll stop at that cheesy pun.

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