Thursday, June 2, 2011


I haven't posted in awhile, I keep forgetting my camera at home which has my sewing project progress pictures on it. By the time I post them I will be done!

As most of you know I am saving to buy my own harp. I have determine that I need a 34 or 36 string harp, preferably 36, with levers on at least F & C but a full set would be great and I would really like to have a solid wood sound board. I have been searching for a used harp but there just isn't anything out there that has what I need and is in my current price range and because they are used they will not be hanging around forever so anything that is out there, unless I could buy it right now, is sort of pointless.

I have wanted a Dusty Strings since the beginning but, they are pricey....very pricey, even the used ones are well out of my price range at this point. So I played a couple different types a few weeks back and really enjoyed a particular Tripplett that is at the Harp store in Santa Barbara. It had a really great sound and is relatively affordable. I mentioned to someone that I was considering buying that one, which I would be able to do relatively soon because it's half the price of the Dusty Strings but this person asked me if I thought I would be settling and I answered no because I would be really happy with that harp, however it wouldn't be my dream harp. So I have this dilemma continue to save, not really knowing how long it will take me to raise the money and continue to rent which costs me $600.00 a year or just buy the Tripplett.

I have been giving this a lot of thought and I have decided to just not do anything right now, I don't want to buy a harp to just buy a harp but I also don't want to sink another $600.00 into a rental and it will probably take me the rest of the year to save the money needed to buy my "dream" harp, while I put money away every month it is never as much as I wanted....

I wish I didn't have any bills....don't we all.

Anyway that was just my little venting session for the day!

I'll post more soon.



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