Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jackets, Coats & Outwear....Oh My!

I just love outerwear, I love everything about it. I enjoy wearing it, I enjoy shopping for and buying it and I especially like making it! I think this natural attraction toward coats and jackets and other outerwear is that I am cold about 95% of the time. I am cold in my house, I am cold at work, I am cold ALL the time and I have always been this way. I am a cold blooded creature who is uncomfortable unless I am being blasted with hot air while wearing a down jacket.

Sewaholic #1103 (2011)
 I have just bought the Minoru Jacket Pattern from Sewaholic today, I just started my "Glad to be Plaid" Sport Coat on Monday and this past weekend I purchased some fabric, completely by accident, to make the awesome vintage coat pattern that I have. I say by accident because I was going to use that fabric to make a toile for the Sport Coat but when I got it home I realized that, one the fabric is far to heavy weight to work for my vision of the sport coat and is entirely different than the camel hair I will actually be using and two it is actually pretty nice and is perfect for a cozy winter I went back to Joann's and bought another yard and a half to make the coat. The fabric is a 60" wide wool, coating blend. It is the nicest fabric I have ever seen at Joann's and while it is a blend which I usually don't care for I really like it.
I must be absolutely mad, I have plans for a coat and a jacket already so how can I be preparing to add another jacket into the mix? Well I don't have anything in my wardrobe quite like it, and since I am reptilian and require large amounts of jackets, I need to fill this gaping hole. The jacket is a little more of a casual style and I plan to make it Spring appropriate by using a nice canvas, light in color fabric. The Spring is the hardest time for me to stay warm, the So. Cal beaches are still freezing but the clothes are all skimpy and not cold resistant. Tasia of Sewaholic will be hosting a Sew Along and I am eager to take part.....

My plan is to work on my "Glad to Be Plaid" Sport Coat for the next 6-8 weeks and then join in on the Sew Along which will begin in about January.

I have some serious work to do.....



  1. I love this pattern.. I'm keen to see it ready

  2. I am really excited to get in the mail and join in the Sew Along that will begin in January....I need a jacket like this so bad.

  3. I am planning both a coat and jacket, too! God help us both!