Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Musings and a Quickie Dress Update

I just have to get through this last day at the office and then I am on a mini break from work, 5 whole days of work free time! I plan on getting creative with it, for sure...after I eat too much.

Last evening, after I finally cut out my Quickie Dress (I'm already 3 days behind schedule not so quickie, ehh?), while catching up on the 4th season of Mad Men and cursing Betty Drapers' hellish attitude, I had fun taking stock of some of the vintage things I have acquired as of late, well some of the things I've had for awhile but I had squirreled them away so it was a reintroduction....and I thought I might share them....after this update.

Quickie Dress, Quickie Dress why did I name you this? It's like I cursed you, it has taken me way to long to cut this thing out, there are 4 pattern pieces for goodness sakes! I think I need to settle on an actual name....the fabric reminds me of puddles, Mr. SewlyaHarpist says ponds but I think I am just going to call it the "Fall Silk Dress"

100% Vintage Silk from Germany (ca. 1980s)
I was supposed to whip it up over the weekend if you recall but Saturday I was in Santa Barbara all day rehearsing with my ensemble. Sunday was spent tracing out the pattern, since I didn't want to cut out my size (I like how vintage patterns only come in one size instead of like 5 and have all the lines for each size overlapping each other and getting all confused). I also steamed the silk, using my new handy dandy Shark Steamer Sunday evening and before I knew it it was 10PM and I hadn't really begun, just prepped (I take forever to prep).

Press & Refresh
I had to work pretty late on Monday so I was only able to cut out the front that night but last night I got home at 5 (awesome!) and I was able to finish cutting out the back, sleeves & neck binding.

If this fabric was anything but silk or was silk and did not have diagonal lines to attempt to match I think it would have taken me a lot less time...I love working with silk but I hate it. I guess I should say I love the results but laying it out and cutting it out is a chore I don't relish, it just doesn't want to stay in place. I was getting pissed last night since I was trying to match the diagonal lines and stay on grain and it kept sliding around, fortunately I had a little over three yards to work with. I am really liking this fabric more and more, Mr. SAH advised against buying it, on Etsy, but I went ahead because I thought it was so interesting visually and I liked that it came from Germany!

 I'll have more updates after the Holiday on the progress of this dress. So these are my little odds & ends....

Zig Zag
Blind Stitch

I bought these at an Antique Mall in downtown Ventura, I saw the boxes from across the room and I made a mad dash over to them. The Zig Zagger & Blind Stitch attachments were $10.00  I bought them both got them home and was somewhat disappointed, you get what you pay for and maybe I shouldn't have bought them so impulsively and it's sort of my fault! So The Blind Stitch Hemmer is for a Singer 301 NOT a Featherweight, sad times since I was super excited about that and the Zig Zagger needs a clamp thing replaced or tightened because it keeps slipping and won't work properly. All is not totally lost I suppose, I can always try and resell the blind hemmer (I saw them going on eBay for between $50.00-$75.00!) and I work with engineers and fabricators and I am sure I can get that Zig Zagger up and running with some modifications.

Because one hideous clown costume isn't enough, you need to dress your child in one as about developing a complex. My mom sent me a bunch of vintage patterns she found, there were some good ones but like any lot of patterns there are always a couple duds....I don't want to throw these away but I don't want them either, anybody interested. I would totally send them to someone who will use them. 

Vintage Dritz Hem Marker
I found this hem marker in another vintage store in downtown Ventura and I bought it because I like vintage sewing ephemera and thought it was cool but it has just been collecting dust in shoved in a corner for a few months now. I don't need it but I don't want to get rid of it either, it still has its original vial of chalk dust! How cool is that? 
George Halley for Saks Fifth Ave. (ca. 1960s)
I have been thinking on this dress, I bought it on eBay awhile back because I think it is awesome but it is just a little too big. It should cling and fit snuggly so it looks sleek instead it looks like I'm wearing a sack. I want to take it in at the side seams but I am scared of messing it up. It is from the 1960s and is from George Halley's designer collection for Saks Fifth Avenue, it is in great condition and I want to wear it but I won't until it fits. I think I just need to suck it up and attempt it or I'll never wear it and what a waste of a cool vintage dress. 
So that's all I got just some ramblings for today. 




  1. I LOVE Mad Men too!

    I know that you mentioned that you buy a lot of fabric online. Other than Etsy where else do you buy from?

  2. I seriously have all the seasons on DVD and I don't have cable so I watch it all the time. I love the clothes.

    I buy from a couple places, I'll send you an email to the address you have linked through your blogger profile.

  3. I just found your blog via the link to your last post (so well observed, by the way!) on Did You Make That, and imagine my surprise when I saw you mention Santa Barbara - that's where I live! Funny to go through England to find a local sewing blogger, eh? Great vintage sewing finds in Ventura, I should get down there!

  4. I love Santa Barbara...I go up there almost every Saturday to play my harp with a group of harpists. Thanks for stopping by my blog.