Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Vintage Sewing ode.

Oh the vintage sewing pattern! What a cruel mistress thou art. How my heart races, hands shake and palms sweat those last agonizing 10 seconds of any eBay auction with you as the prize. Such joy swells in my bosom upon acquisition of you and such utter, bitter, disappointment I feel when you once again escape my grasp. Praise your singular beauty, curse your seductive siren's call.....

Anyway, my most recent vintage pattern acquisition is not just one pattern but 41 patterns! Which cost me a total of $20.50!! (needed to add an extra exclamation point to that one as I am very proud of myself) I won this awesome lot on eBay, it did come down to the wire with a last minute bidding war but I prevailed. Which is fortunate as I might have gone totally psycho had I not, having lost out on a lot the night before which had been a bitter disappointment to say the very least.

41 Patterns
They came on Tuesday in the mail to my office. The lot is a mix of late 50s/60s McCalls, Simplicity & Butterick with 1 Advance patterns. The patterns are even better in person, almost all of them are in great shape with a few having beat up envelopes. I am very happy with the selection of garment types, tons of dress but also tops, blouses, pants, shorts, pajamas, suits, coats and even a cape type outerwear pattern. There are a couple verging on 70s-tastic that are not my style and a mumu or two but the vast majority are awesome and totally make up for the few duds.

 Now I just need to figure out where to put them, my collection has quadrupled! I finished counting all the pattern pieces last night and all are there with the exception of one or two missing a facing or a cuff.

Some of my favorites...
 It was fun going through them and I found a ton of interesting treasures inside....

The Simplicity Magazine subscription renewal!

I also found a few "lessons" inside the patterns. I had never seen anything like this before. I found a Bound Buttonholes Guide, A Guide to Set in Sleeves and a How To Trim A Jumper....

Here's the Bound Buttonholes Guide:

I also discovered that Muu Muu was a real word, like a real thing. This reminds me of my great grandmother for sure:

Muu Muu

There were also a few Maternity dresses. I really like the McCall's one...

Maternity Wear
Now my problem is what to make....I am totally spoiled for choice and can't seem to commit to anything. I had been all set to start my "Glad to Be Plaid Sport Coat" but now I sort of want to make something else before I start that, it will be a huge undertaking and I'd like to get in another fall dress or blouse before I start it. Choices, choices, choices.




  1. wow!! great colection of patterns!! I envy you!

  2. Hi Lizzy! Thanks, it was super exciting to receive them. Please feel free to enter the giveaway that I am holding for a chance to win one of these patterns.