Friday, June 3, 2011

"The Recession Recess Romper Project" McCall #6331 ca. 2011....Sneak Peak

I am super duper excited about this project!!! So here's the story...


I have had my eye on a certain "American Jane" for Moda Fabrics fabric for some time now. I am been longing for it and trying to figure out what I could use it with, I hadn't bought it I just knew that it was down at Fabric Town USA in Ventura. Farbic Town calls it "Recess" but online has been referring to it as "Tick Tack Toe". I think that "Recess" is the name of this particular series and "Tick Tack Toe" is the fabric name....but I've been referring to it as "Recess" for months and I can't think of a clever name for "Tick Tack Toe"....

Anyway, recently while reading Gertie's "Blog for Better Sewing".  
I saw this treasure, McCall #6331. This is actually a Teen pattern from the Summer 2011 collection, but I'm ok with that.

Gertie was illustrating the Romper, View A, specifically and at that moment I knew what I could use that fabric I have been lusting after for.

So I ran down to Fabric Town and wouldn't you know that the fabric is 20% off and that sealed the deal is obviously meant to be if the fabric is on sale, I am making a point to not buy any fabric unless it is on sale. Really I am not buying anything unless it is on sale....saving for a harp you know.

I have red and blue thread and  red binding that I bought at a vintage store in Omaha already. I only needed to buy a red zipper, since I didn't have one in the right color pallet at all.

The design ideas behind this are very basic. Red is more of a highlight color on this fabric so I am going to use that color for all of my accents....thread, zipper, bias tape.

I am debating whether to use an underlining but this fabric is not sheer at all and I think it will be more work than is necessary. However, I really like how underlinings look. The only thing is that I would like to use voile but I don't think I will be able to find it in a cream or off white color, I haven't seen any. I will not be able to use white because that will bother me as it won't match the cream used in the Recess fabric. 

So the project will now be referred to as "The Recession Recess Romper Project" or TRRRP for short.

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