Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Summer Essentials Sew Along Doldrums

I am in this really boring sewing place right now. I have finished 'The Recession Recess Romper" and am dragging my feet with "The New Look Blouse Project" buttonholes, I need to bind 5 more holes and it is so much work and I'm sort of discouraged by how the first one turned out, even though my test buttonhole came out bitchin' the one I did on the blouse doesn't look as good. I think I need to make a commitment to do one a night instead of waiting until I have time to do them all at once.

I am getting ready to work with two vintage patterns for my Summer Essentials 2011 sew along but things are not going as smoothly as with "TNLBP". I sat down to trace off copies of Vogue #7078 ca. 1954 for "The Who Wears Short Shorts Project" when I realized that what I thought was a printed pattern, is not! I have never used a vintage vogue pattern and when I got it in the mail a couple weeks back I apparently did not check to see if all the pieces were there or I did and just forgot that it was unprinted. My issue is not that I am worried about the difficulty, it is a very simple pattern in that there are 3 pattern pieces, and having read through the directions it is going to be very similar to the shorts on my romper. My issue is that tracing it is hugely difficult there are no dark lines on it so seeing it through the tracing paper is impossible especially since the lighting in my living room sucks right now since I need to replace the bulbs in my good lamp. I have to trace it out because I need to grade it up a couple inches.

My next issue is with Advance #7798 for "The Voila! A Voile Blouse Project" I may not need to grade it but I am going to have to make a muslin to see as I am not confident of the fit and tracing it out is taking forever....this project is going to take awhile and I might not finish it for some time I am just going to have to be slow and steady on it.

All of this pattern drama is annoying and I have been practicing my harp for a couple hours a night so things are moving slowly sewing wise and I want to make something! So I think I am going to add something to my Summer Essentials 2011 Sew Along program. I downloaded a free pattern from Colette Patterns, The Sorbetto Top, this pattern is seriously being used by everyone and after reading the instructions I think it should be pretty easy to do, I have some material in my stash I can use for it and I won't have to mess around with a grading and the like. I just really want to make something as I am impatient for results so I will be adding "The Silky Sorbetto Project" to my line up....more details to come. 

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